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Rolling Pin Self-Massage For Improved Blood and Lymph Circulation

The rolling pin massage is designed to improve circulation in the legs using a gentle and convenient routine.

You will need either a wooden, or better still a silicone rolling pin for this exercise.

Seat yourself so you can reach your inner thigh comfortably. It is a good practice to place a cushion under the thigh you are about to massage.

Apply mild to medium pressure on the rolling pin as you glide it along your inner thigh upwards towards the groin. Make sure the movement is always towards the abdomen and not towards the feet. It is usually more comfortable to do the rolling over fabric than on exposed skin.

Massage both thighs, 3 minutes each, twice a day.

It is not necessary to apply strong pressure that will cause pain or bruises.

The goal of this exercise is to improve the return of venous and lymphatic return from the lower extremity into the abdominal cavity, thus improving circulation in the entire body.

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