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Formal Education and Experience

Dr. Michael Guralnik, DAOM, LMT has been practicing acupuncture and manual therapy since 2006. 

After graduating from the Tel Aviv University in Traditional Chinese Medicine he pursued postgraduate studies specializing in Japanese Acupuncture, which is the primary method he is using today.  In the oriental fashion, as a part of his education, he attended as an apprentice with trendsetting acupuncturists learning their secrets through working with them on their patients.

As a manual therapist, Michael started working already in 2004 with shiatsu, adding more and more tools to his toolbox: tuina ("Chinese physical therapy"), Feldenkrais, massage therapy etc.

As a part of his commitment to give back to the community, he volunteered and worked in a hematology department in a hospital, he volunteered to work in crisis situations (war zones, major fire etc.), and with populations of special needs. both children and adults. 





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