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Besides relieving people of the problem that originally brought them into my clinic, I seek to give them something that will make them need my services less in the future. A good treatment, for me, is one that makes the client stronger, and strength is achieved through experience and awareness.

With that goal in mind, it is important for me to give the client experience, not just a service. 

There are many ways to get healthier, stronger and happier. Taking care of oneself takes part in all avenues of life. From the food we eat to our daily habits and to the way we treat others. The experiences we go through in the clinic affect all of these layers, and when our experience is positive, these positive changes cascade to other aspects of our lives.

So with that notion in mind, I try to pass the knowledge that was entrusted in me to my patients, and wherever this knowledge is insufficient, I will do my best to refer the client to a practitioner who’s system is better equipped for the job.




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