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Why Should I Use A Herbal Formula For My Cold or UTI?

Using a herbal remedy for a cold, a flue or UTI is perhaps one of the wisest ways to treat it. The formula is often combined with an acupuncture treatment to maximize the benefit, but can also stand by itself if acupuncture is not desirable.

Most of us were brought up thinking the best thing to do when we feel sick is to pop a pill and have it over with. Unfortunately, this solution is not desirable. There are many reasons why medicating ourselves is bad for us. We are paying dearly for every time we use pills, and as long as we can avoid them, we should.

So What’s The Difference if I Take a Pill or a Herbal Formula?

Medication is a strong tool, which affects the body chemically. A herbal remedy, on the other hand is a gentle reminder to the body that “reminds” the body what is the best way for it to regain balance and proper function.

Herbal formulas are far less chemically potent than medicine, and are using very lightly treated natural ingredients.

“I Simply Ignore My Problem and Wait For It To Pass By Itself”

This is a legitimate answer, yet this is a very inconvenient solution. Besides, sometime when we are not aligned, we are running into the risk that instead of the body taking the course of action that will make it get better, it may actually take the opposite approach, that will lead to the condition becoming permanent, or even get worse.

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