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A Typical Connected Movement Class

We start and end each class with the same simple Qikung routine. Repeating the same routine week after week and opening and closing the lesson with it gives us a snapshot of where we are, and what we learned in each lesson.

We then turn to do some pair work that focuses on interaction and attention to our partner’s actions and sharpening our nonverbal communication. This work is typically playful and dynamic.

We then separate again and turn inwards to do a refined and attentive individual movement lesson. This stage is typically done on the floor. The atmosphere changes to a more meditative mood.

We re pair again to do asymmetrical work: one person leads and the other becomes passive. The exercises we do are typically manual therapy procedures. The focus of the leading person is to attune to their partner, while the receiver learns to trust and to flow with whatever they are introduced to. We constantly switch partners and roles throughout this section.

We will often illustrate how certain Oriental Medicine concepts can be experienced. We will learn how to read patterns and alleviate inconveniences.

We finalize the lesson with the same qikung routine the lesson started with.

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