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Headaches and Acupuncture

Though there are many ways to handle a headache. It seems that the combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and oriental body works is perhaps the most natural solutions for most types of headaches.

Oriental medicine recognizes many types of headaches and suggests different treatment strategies based on the specific type of headache the patient is describing. Furthermore, the general constitution of the patient dictates a different treatment strategy: is the patient young, or old? Man or Woman? Strong or feeble? Etc. Each one of these factors may affect the nature of the pain as well as the strategy the physician will chose.

We approach headaches as if they were a detective story: What kind of pain does the patient experience? When does it occur? What is the exact location of the pain? Is it associated with other activities? The more clear we are about the problem and its history the more precise we can be with our treatment.

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